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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

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Download Dr.Drum Sequencer Full Version

Free Drums DJ, drum recording software, drum sequencer softwareYou are not going to believe how easily you'll be able to become a professional beat maker.
Babes will want to know you. Dudes will want to dance to your grooves. Your music will put you in the spotlight.
With Dr Drum you'll be making the same types of high quality tracks as the best artists and producers in the business.… All for less than the price of a dinner for 2 at your favorite joint!
There is almost no learning curve at all. Every song you make will be a banger!
It used to be that it could take days or even weeks to lay down a high-quality beat and mix in your samples.
But with Dr Drum, you can turn out a full professional track in minutes.
That's because we've built the easiest to use interface and take the time to teach you exactly how to use it.
You can even import any sound you need in a matter of seconds.
You'll have access to the same tools as the pros use, but at a fraction of the cost. We've got you covered! It's so simple....

Download Drum Sequencer Software  For PC/Laptop

16 Track Sequencer: 
Our 16 track sequencer makes it easy to compose and edit your masterpiece fast, a powerful yet highly intuitive interface allows you to mix your beats without the headache that comes when learning other complicated software.
Copy bars or multiple bars with 2 clicks, edit each tracks volume, low tones, mid tones, high tones and pan individually, mute tracks or play them solo to fine tune that beat.
It really is that easy, and the best part is you can show off your creation to the world using the software's built in YouTube uploader!!!
That's right, the software will automatically create a video to go with your beat and upload it directly to your very own YouTube account, you can even add your own pictures and create a totally custom video to go with your beat... How awesome is that?

Drums DJ, drum recording software, drum sequencer software
  •  16 tracks of stereo sound
  •   Change sounds and patterns with two clicks.
  •   Several thousand built-in drumbeats, keys, FX and sounds.
  •   Exports as 44.1 professional studio quality .wav file
  •   Automatically creates a video and uploads your beat DIRECTLY to your own YouTube account
  •   Adjust the volume of each track
  •   Adjust the 'pan effect' of each track
  •   Adjust the Low, Mid and High tones of each track

12 Pad Drum Machine:
You’ll sound HOT when you use Dr. Drum’s easy-to-use drum machine.
It contains 12 Pads per kit and a HUGE database of booming, exclusive mastered sounds to choose from so you can let your talent shine through.  
Wanna add your own samples? No biggie: Dr Drum makes it “drag-and-drop”  simple to import your own custom sounds to use with your beats.
Is that friggin awesome or what?

Dr.Drum , drum recording software, drum sequencer software
  • A full 12 pads per drum kit.
  • Massive selection of kits included.
  • Change kits with a single click.
  • Import your own sounds and beats.
  • Mix the volume on each channel any way you want.
  • Move sounds around with just a couple clicks.
  • Professionally mastered sounds.

4 Octave Keyboard :
You’ll also get our 4-octave keyboard where you can add Pianos, Guitars, Synth, Strings, FX and much more... allowing you to knock out awesome beats like crazy!
And remember, you can use your OWN samples with this too…
Unlike other beat makers Dr Drum will automatically scan the imported sound, find out what note it is and recreate ALL the other notes for you giving you a full 4 octaves from your single sample.
Pretty awesome right? Check it out!

Download Drum Sequencer Software  For PC/Laptop
  • Four octaves.
  • No need for MIDI cables.
  • All the sounds you could want, from sax to piano to FX samples.
  • Import more kits or your own sounds with 1 click
  • Thousands of stereo imaged sounds.
  • Just one click to switch instruments.
  • Alter the Frequency, Resonance, LFO R and LFO A to create those sick DubStep sounds
  • Overlap sounds in seconds.
And remember, your beats will be exported in 44.1 Stereo 16bit PCM .wav format!
That's the same format used in radio stations and clubs, and what people are looking for when they want to buy beats.
You don't get stuck with MP3s. You get real professional quality tracks!


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