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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

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3 fantastic tips for women on how to tone and reduce fat from your butt and other

3 fantastic tips for women on how to tone and reduce fat from your butt and otherHere are 3 fantastic tips for women on how to tone and reduce fat from your butt, hips and thighs, while slimming down and toning your legs. I will show you how this method of moving helps you burn more belly fat and lose weight faster as well.

Many people don’t talk about this. But the most important muscle you have in your body is the muscle between your ears, your mind.
The more that you focus the mind on the muscle, the more it is going to work and the faster you are going to lift that saggy butt.
So here are a few ways that you can make sure your mind and your muscle are connected.
Tip number 1 is to look in a mirror and watch as your muscle is contracting.
Many people have never watched themselves while they are exercising. It’s very important for you to get a mental image of what your body looks like while you are doing the exercises.
Another tip is to actually stare at the muscle before you even begin to contract it.
Now this is a little hard when you are looking at your butt from behind, but again, if you use the mirror you can look at the muscle and see the muscle before you ever start to engage it.
Whenever you are doing any contraction, slow down. Count to two on every time you contract and every time you relax count to two.
This is going to get more of the mind-muscle connection.
Then the last tip to get a mind-muscle connection is to use your breath.
Focus your breath on the muscle that you are engaging.
I like to imagine that there are gills on the butt or whatever muscle I am using. It’s funny but it works.
That’s because you think about breathing into that muscle, just like you would if you had the gills.
That was the part of your muscles that are breathing in oxygen and releasing the carbon dioxide.
This mind-muscle connection is so important.
You can have two people working the same exercise. One person is not going to have a butt, or they’ve got a saggy but, whereas the other person is going to have a nice, round, tone, firm butt.
It’s all about this mind-muscle connection.
The person with the saggy butt is working everything but their butt, their legs, their thighs, but they are never engaging their but because their mind isn’t it.
Whereas you see the person who has got that mind-muscle connection and everything they do is engaging the butt.
This is going to lift that saggy butt so much faster and get you results that you are going to love.

Okay, so here is a quick recap of 3 of my top secrets to lift a saggy butt:
Number 1 was to do weight bearing exercises on your butt exercises.
Number 2 is to make sure you are doing stretching and massage and number 3 is to use the mind-body connection for every butt exercise that you do.
These are just some of my top secrets on how I went from a flabby butt to the butt of my dreams. You can do it too.
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